Our Repeaters

The PSLARA operates two repeaters:  The 2-meter repeater is at 146.955 MHz, while the 70-cm repeater is at 443.650 MHz.  The PL tone for both repeaters is 107.2 Hz.  Our weekly Ragchew, Traders and Tech Net is held on both repeaters each Thursday at 7:30 p.m. All licensed amateur radio operators are encouraged to participate in this open net.

Our 2-meter repeater also operates with EchoLink. EchoLink® allows licensed Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one another over the Internet, using streaming-audio technology. EchoLink allows worldwide connections to be made between stations, or from computer to station, greatly enhancing Amateur Radio's communications capabilities. For information on using EchoLink go to www.echolink.org

Our 70-cm repeater also operates with the Internet Radio Linking Project, IRLP. IRLP operates a worldwide network of dedicated servers and nodes offering very stable worldwide voice communications between hundreds of towns and cities using Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) custom software and hardware.  All this with unsurpassed uptimes and the full dynamic range of telephone quality audio. For more information in using IRLP go to www.irlp.net

Other Area Repeaters

Location Call Freq PL Tone   Location Call Freq PL Tone   Location Call Freq PL Tone
Stuart WX4MC 145.150(-) 107.2   Ft.Pierce


147.375(-) 107.2   Vero Beach W2JKD 442.950(+) 107.2
Stuart WX4MC 444.900(-) 107.2   Ft.Pierce W4SLC 444.600(+) 107.2   Vero Beach KA4EPS 444.850(+) 103.5
Stuart K4NRG 444.976(+) 107.2   Jupiter WA4FAP 147.135(+) 110.9   Vero Beach AF4CN 146.775(-) 107.2
Hobe Sound W4JUP 146.625(-) 114.8   Jupiter KA4EPS 443.825(+) 103.5   West Palm Beach W4PBC 145.390(-) 110.9
Hobe Sound W4JUP 444.225(+) 110.9   Palm Beach Gardens AC4MO 145.330(-) 146.2   West Palm Beach WR4AKX 146.670(+) 110.9
Hobe Sound KE4RWS 146.625() 110.9   Palm Beach Gardens AC4MO 442.225 146.2          

Other Repeaters in Florida